Electric vehicle servicing is essential for the performance and reliability of your car, to guarantee you peace of mind on the road. Book your service...

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Electric Vehicle Servicing with BestDrive

Electric vehicles are becoming more common in Ireland with about 20% of all new vehicles falling into this climate conscious segment.

BestDrive are fully equipped and have qualified staff in each branch to cater for EV vehicles. Our experts will ensure that the services required are carried out according to each vehicle’s individual manufacturers schedule and specification.

This way, your EV will maintain its warranty and will continue to perform in the safest and most efficient manner. BestDrive offer 4 service solutions for Electric Vehicle drivers. Each one offers a range of required work ranging from our GOLD offering to a new eVIP offer.


Electric Vehicle Servicing with BestDrive

At BestDrive, we know that one of the key concerns that motorists have is where their EV runs out of power. This can happen at the most difficult or awkward time of the day or night, and it now classified as ‘Range anxiety’.

BestDrive feel that some customers would wish to have an easy solution at hand should this take place and allow themselves peace of mind. Thankfully, customers who have selected the BestDrive eVIP service Package will simply have to make a call to our support partners CarTow at any time of the day or night to avail of the roadside rescue service that comes with this service package.

BestDrive customers that select the eVIP service package will have their name and car registered for 24 Hour support and a special decal will be issued to the driver to place in the vehicle. CarTow will collect the driver and the car and bring them both to the nearest EV charging point so that they can plug in and re-fuel the vehicle to then continue their journey. On top of that, you’ll receive all the benefits from our Gold, Silver and Platinum Service packages!

Electric vehicles are great for the environment but with all new technology they do have some challenges and “Range Anxiety” so it is essential that you pay special attention to having your EV serviced each year.


Caring for EV Customers

We’re keen to ensure that all EV drivers, irrespective of the make and model of car, can see BestDrive as one of the key providers of top-class servicing and overall customer service.

As well as offering a range of EV service packages, ALL EV cars who have work carried out in a BestDrive branch (with EV chargers) will be provided with a free EV top up of power* while the vehicle is in the branch. This is to ensure that EV drivers are confident that they have sufficient charge to get themselves home safely when they return to their vehicle. This FREE charge facility will apply to all work carried out on EV cars and not just car servicing.