Nevo Electric Vehicle Show Electrifies Dublin

Nevo EV Show

Nevo Electric Vehicle Show Electrifies Dublin, Reinforcing Consumer Commitment to Sustainable Transportation

The Nevo Electric Vehicle Show, presented in partnership with the Bank of Ireland, concluded on a high note on Saturday, February 17, 2024, marking the end of an electrifying spectacle that showcased the latest advancements in Electric Vehicles (EVs) from various manufacturers and key suppliers within the EV sector.

Held at The RDS in Dublin, the event attracted a staggering attendance of 12,672 individuals, comprising curious newcomers, industry professionals, and avid EV enthusiasts, firmly establishing its status as a prominent fixture in the Irish automotive calendar, with expectations of its return in the future.

Featuring exclusive Irish car launches, live test drive opportunities, and a dynamic schedule of events on the Bank of Ireland stage, the execution of the event appeared seamless, thanks to the collective efforts of Drive Inc. and the Nevo Team, marking a significant milestone in their event management portfolio. In partnership with AXA Ireland and with the support of ZEVI (Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland), the show was meticulously crafted to provide attendees with a glimpse into the future of sustainable transportation.

The doors opened promptly at 9:30 AM to welcome an eager queue of hundreds of early attendees, setting the tone for a day filled with anticipation and excitement. Within the first hour alone, the exhibition halls buzzed with activity as visitors explored the offerings of over twenty leading automotive brands. Beyond generating substantial leads and genuine interest, many exhibitors reported tangible sales, with numerous deposits secured on-site.

Simon Andreucetti, Head of Growth & Show Organiser, comments:

“We deeply appreciate the overwhelming feedback we have received through various channels, including social media, text messages, and calls, commending the success of the Nevo Electric Vehicle Show over the weekend,” He elaborated. “We take great pride in the fact that every facet of the event was meticulously managed internally by the Nevo team and the broader Drive Inc. team. Through our collective dedication, guided by a clear vision, strategic planning, ownership, and steadfast focus, the outstanding outcome witnessed at the RDS this weekend stands as a testament to our collaborative ethos and unwavering determination.”

Reflecting on the success of the Nevo Electric Vehicle Show, Derek Reilly, General Manager & Show Organiser at Nevo, adds:

“The enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by the electric vehicle community have elevated the Nevo EV Show beyond mere success, transforming it into a vibrant celebration of innovation reflective of our transition towards a more sustainable future”, he remarked. “I was thrilled to host insightful discussions on the main stage and observe first-hand the palpable thirst for knowledge and information as we navigate towards an electric future.” Continuing his statement, he added, “Nevo has ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond. As Ireland’s sole dedicated electric vehicle platform, we are equally enthused to collaborate with the Irish automotive industry in fostering the growth and advancement of our collective journey towards a greener tomorrow.”

The Nevo team has demonstrated that the Irish automotive marketplace is poised for transformation, with a clear surge in demand for the latest electric vehicles. The unveiling of various new models at the event elicited a remarkable display of enthusiasm from attendees, who seized the opportunity to gain first-hand insights from industry experts. The Nevo team would like to thank all attendees and exhibitors who contributed to the success of Ireland’s inaugural Electric Vehicle show. Preparations are already underway for the next instalment, promising even greater advancements and experiences, which will be happening in Q4 this year.

Test Drives

On show day at the RDS, the Nevo team recorded an impressive 205 test drives of the different vehicles available within the designated test-drive zone, each one lasting 15 minutes. Individuals who could not secure a test drive allocation were redirected to the respective brands’ booths, where arrangements could be made for a local dealer test drive.

Nevo EV Show Customer Survey.

Survey data is based on 1,119 responses from people who attended the event on 17th February 2024.

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